How does Pay Per Install work?

Pay Per Install bundles freeware and shareware programs with software advertisers under a pay per install model. The freeware software developer gets paid every time the advertiser’s software is installed.

We distribute those bundles to our VIP affiliates who promote both products through their established distribution partners.


I am a Software Developer, why should I join Pay Per Install?

Pay Per Install can help you recoup your programming costs, fund new projects, and help you earn a living off your software titles.

With pay per install you don’t have to limit your software with crippled trial versions or worry about the logistics of charging money for your software. With Pay Per Install, the more people download your software, the more money you make.


I am a Software Advertiser, why should I join Pay Per Install?

Pay Per Install can generate thousands of new installs of your software through our team of VIP affiliates. We accept only experienced affiliate marketers who have established distribution channels and can generate quality leads.


I am an Affiliate Marketer, why should I join Pay Per Install?

Pay Per Install is a VIP affiliate network which provides industry leading support to the affiliates we work with. With Pay Per Install you’ll get accept to some of the best software affiliate programs in the industry. You’ll also have a dedicated account manager who will help you maximize your revenue on the Pay Per Install network.


How do I apply for the Pay Per Install network?

Simply fill out our application form on the homepage and we will get right back to you.


Why was my application rejected?

Pay Per Install is a VIP network, which means we don’t accept all, or even most, of the people who apply.

We reject affiliate marketers who do not have established distribution channels. Our goal is to focus on large-volume affiliates who understand how to make money online. Focusing on affiliates who already know how to make money online allows us to dedicate our resources towards helping them make even more money.